wants to fuck Mick Jagger


you are such a brute i dont understand how fashion is an interest of yours lmao

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do u know the definition of brute lmao…i think maybe u meant like butch…but thats a lesbian term…im a boy….but i get u, yknow. i ask myself the same, its ironic, right. but i def care way more about the models, way, way, more.

oh and how did it come to be you felt so strongly about her you decided to get her name tattooed on your body FOREVER? no offense, just wondering

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well, when i was little we had the movie on VHS starring Angelina & my gay ass always watched it of course just for the opening runway scene & one day I watched it again for old time sake & i decided to research the actual Gia & the more i learned about her, the more i had to confront about myself, stuff i wasn’t ready to. there’s a lot of scenarios in her life that greatly relate to mine & i guess it was refreshing to know there was someone else that got it, yknow. i took comfort knowing she was in the same place, many times.

how were you able to get gia's signature from a letter she wrote to her mother???????

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there’s a scanned copy of the letter floating around out there somewhere, it’s hard to find but Stephen Fried was the one to release it onto the internet, originally. it was basically a letter telling her mother she was sorry if she ever caused her pain, it wasn’t her intention & that she was her favorite human being & also that life had been tough on her the past couple of years. I don’t have the scan anymore though, but i still have her signature.

i got u confused with baptiste radufe even tho ur hair is darker and ur cheeks are more intense pls dont get offended

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idk how but im not offended at all lol

what do you think a good weight/measurements for a 5'6 female who wants her legs to look longer and just overall taller?

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ummm, idk, because everyone distributes weight differently, for example, when i gain weight it shows in my face first - specifically my cheeks & then my thighs, but ive basically just taught myself to stop eating one third of the way into my meals lolz, but because ur 5’6” like kate moss, maybe a cute 1993 chanel spring/summer kate will suit u.